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In the last ten years my horizons literally opened up. I was fortunate to travel across the seas, both north and south of the equator, west to Australia and New Zealand and east, as far as the Island of Rhodes. I cruised from Copenhagen to the North Sea and the British Isles. The burning sun, the cool sunsets and the stormy seas gave me enough inspirations for a lifetime of paintings, or so I thought. And then I returned to France last fall for a river cruise up the Seine and back south via the Siene and the Rhone Rivers. The cloudy October skies cast a different light on the pond at Giverny, the rivers were comforting in their calm journey through the incredible countryside where so many great artists found their inspiration. Once again, water and its reflections are my muse but in a different expression.

Reflections on Monet’s Pond
Oil on Canvas
Chinese Bridge at Giverny
Oil on Canvas
The Boat at Giverny
Oil on Canvas
The Caretakers Boat at Giverny
Oil on Canvas

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  1. These are all so beautiful! They bring back wonderful memories of our trips. Wish I could afford you 🙂


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