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Painting on display at New West Symphony
Pat’s painting displayed for performances by New West Symphony of Holst’s “The Planets,” 2015
Midnight on the Danube-Budapest (3)
Midnight on the Danube-Budapest

Recently I traveled to Eastern Europe and embarked on a river journey up the Danube.  At midnight the lights up and down the river, with a brilliant full moon adding to the awesome display, reflected the symbol of the new day of freedom from oppression. But the underlying sadness of what had gone on before touched my heart. The ink blue darkness of the water is a reminder of that history.  This experience was the inspiration for the series, “Midnight on the Danube”.  The subject contrasts with the mood of “Offshore Sundown”, which is my homage to the California coastline.

Past Exhibits


Maui Skies 36 x 48 in. Oil on Canvas
Maui Skies
36 x 48 in.
Oil on Canvas


Studio Channel Islands Annual Competition
Creme de la Creme
2222 Ventura Blvd.
Camarillo, Ca 93010


Pat has been selected to be one of the ten featured artists for the Ventura Music Festival for 2014. Celestial Festivo in on exhibit at the Ventura County Museum of History & Art through March 15th.

Oil on Canvas 1024x412 in.
Celestial Festivo
Oil on Canvas
1024×412 in.


Seascapes now showing at the Rhumb Line Restaurant
1510 Anchors Way

Ventura, CA 93001

Midnight Calamari Run
Midnight Calamari Run
Soul Searcher #1
Soul Searcher #1


Lake Atitlan is now on exhibit at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, CA through May 18th
147 N Brent St, Ventura, CA 93003
Phone : (805) 652-5011

Oil on Canvas 48x48 in
Oil on Canvas
48×48 inches


Cosmic Creation and Celestial Festival are on exhibit at Buenaventura Art Association

Oil on Canvas
Cosmic Creation
Oil on Canvas


Midnight Calamari Run in on exhibit at the Blackboard Gallery, Studio Channel Islands Art Center

Studio Channel Islands Art Center/Blackboard Gallery and Studios
2222 Ventura Blvd.
Camarillo, CA 93010
Phone: 805 383-1368

Oil on Canvas 30x40 in
Oil on Canvas
30×40 in


Ventura Music Festival – Festivo!

Inspired by the idea of music and this year’s festive theme,  Pat Richards-Dodds has been chosen among 10 prominent artists to exhibit their art during the festival. On exhibit and available for bidding at the Museum of Ventura County now through March 14, the art will be sold during a gala Evening of Note at the museum on March 15.

To place a bid, or to make a reservation for the Evening of Note on Saturday, March 15, please call the Ventura Music Festival at 805-648-3146.

Pat with "Celestial Festival"
Pat with “Celestial Festival”

“I was truly inspired four or five years ago by the IMAX movie, the Hubble 3D of nebulae and that inspiration surfaced in my Festivo offering. Creation is in the heavens. Focus is on the sun and light. The explosion of the newborn stars with all the colors and light gives the impression that the stars are celebrating.”


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